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beyond all reckoning and our combatant govern-
ments have no idea of what is to follow when the
overthrow of Hitler is accomplished. They seem
;to be as void of any sense of the future, as com-
pletely empty-headed about the aftermath of
their campaigns, as one of those American Tories
who are <; just out against F.D.R. Damn him ! "
So the British Empire remains, paying its way
down to ultimate bankruptcy, buying itself a
respite from the perplexing problems of the
future, with the accumulated wealth and power
of its past. It is rapidly becoming the most
backward political organisation in the world.
But sooner or later it will have no more money
for the dole and no more allies to abandon nor
dominions to yield up to their local bosses, and
then possibly its disintegration will be complete
(R.I.P.), leaving intelligent English people to
line up at last with America and the rest of the
intelligent world and face the universal problem.
Which is : how are we to adapt ourselves to
these mighty disruptive forces that are shattering
human society as it is at present constituted ?
In the compressed countries which have little
internal scope and lack the vast natural resources
of the Russian and Atlantic communities, the
| internal tension makes more directly for aggres-
warfare, but the fundamental driving-force
ft        64